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Making progress on our EP!

Back in the recording studio today to put the finishing touches on our debut EP before it goes off to get mastered. Watch this space!

Photos from The Olde Plough Inn

We had a lovely evening playing in the sunny beer garden at The Olde Plough Inn’s Bank Holiday Festival. Big thanks them for booking us and to everyone for coming, we’d love to do that again!

Here’s a few pics.


Another one from last year’s Village Pump Festival.

North Seas

And yet another great video from the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival, this is a cover of Ewan McColl’s North Seas. Once again, big thanks to Terry Helyer.

Windjammer & The Turn

Recorded in Terry Helyer’s caravan at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival on 24th July 2016. Cheers Terry!

A Brisk Young Man

Here’s another one of Terry Helyer’s videos of us in the caravan at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival. This is our version of A Brisk Young Man.